From my own discovery, sentic cycles can also be used to express common athletic movements and improve their performance. For example, I found it is possible to express aikido techniques and even jump shooting a basketball. Aikido requires the mind and body to be as one in order to be functional and fits nicely into a sentic expression as a circular motion, though of course, without moving.

Here is another use for sentic cycles: Hate bad habits. The undesirable habit will diminish without having to fight the urge, to an absense of the urge. Friends have lost as much as 30 pounds in three months, and hating all aspects of smokig for only the four minutes of the hate phase.

Thanks a lot for inventing the Sentic Cycles Exercise. I have been doing the Sentic Cycles now for 1 year, and I have extraordinary results in my life. It has enriched my life a lot.

W.H., Linz, Austria

I picked up your book “Sentics” years ago, and it inspired me to begin to write about the “inner pulse”, knowing that it existed, but not knowing the “essentials”. You assailed my inner pulse then which was wonderful and now Google has brought you back into that pulsation again.

Please pardon my sentics for showing, but I am thrilled and honored to be able to write to you. I will read all the pages from Google and surely stay abreast off your brilliance for I believe that you are a lightning bold in the storm of human learning.

J.L, Former Principal, present Guidance Counselor, and future writer of the “Inner Pulse”

I wish more people knew about your work. I will make sure that my sons make it the center of their true education; the intelligence of the heart. I wonder what would happen if children did this in school? We might have a better society and true freedome for all cultures.

J.J. and Family

After three sessions, she was able to “feel the love” that she had felt for him, and she began to enjoy life. Although she had kept herself homebound during her “blocked anxious” period, she was, during recovery, willing to go on a second honeymoon with her husband.

She said, “On our trip, we went for walks in the woods and pairies, and I love the flowering branches and the flowers. I want to learn to work in a flower shop, and become a flower arranger”.

Her husband reported that she was her cheerful self again; and that their relationship had grown and deepened and that they have both acquired a reverence for all of life, including plants, and all living creatures.

We must thank our Maker for the pleasure of knowing Manfred Clynes, the man, and his creations.

M.M. (Therapist)