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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What are Sentic Cycles?
    • Where does Sentic Cycles come from?
    • Why should I do Sentic Cycles?
    • What do I need to do Sentic Cycles?
    • Why do I need a 'finger rest'?
    • Why do I need to download the sound file?
    • What is the Sentic Cycles sound file?
    • What time of day should I do Sentic Cycles?
    • How often should I do Sentic Cycles?


      Sentic Cycles is a unique and simple method, an artform of touch.

      Sentic Cycles lets you generate and express your emotions in a series, as a spectrum, your emotion 'symphony', so you tend to become free from emotional rut - being stuck in one emotion
      - and be in touch with your real self - not overwhelmed by single emotion (yet able to savour them all as in music).

      It takes only 10 minutes to learn to do it - and then you may benefit from doing it anytime the rest of your life - as long as human nature does not change! Anyone can do it.

      It uses only your own natural expressions of emotion to generate and to enjoy them. Using expressive pressure of a finger on a finger rest you focus on the quality of each expression, while the rest of your body becomes quiet.

      Expressing each emotion in this way a number of times (20-40 times) tends to generate that emotion. Every 3 to 4 minutes you smoothly change to the next emotion.

      Discover your own simple art of touch.

      Going through virtually the entire spectrum of emotions takes only about 25 minutes.

      Like prayer, it costs nothing to do it.

      You may feel peaceful afterward for up to 24 hours, and whatever you have to do will tend to feel more enjoyable.


      It was discovered and developed by Dr. Manfred Clynes, in 1968, then chief research scientist at the Research Center of Rockland State Hospital, Orangeburg NY, called a 'sentic cycle'. It has been used beneficially by thousands of people throughout the years.

      For more information about the work of Dr. Clynes see

      WHY DO IT?

      We all tend to be prisoners of emotion more than we may wish to be. Emotions make life enjoyable and meaningful, but not if you are in an emotional rut, where a particular, most often negative, emotion takes over, and makes it hard to get out of, even temporarily. Often such negative emotions are suppressed, but still interfere with function and freedom of experience.

      Sentic Cycles allow you to experience and express all such emotions more constructively, without being overwhelmed by them. Like music, like an artistic experience, the emotion becomes an example of your own humanity: it allows you to savour that emotion as one that is shared by humanity. At the end of the Sentic Cycle you may feel a sense of belonging, a sense of being glad to be alive.


      You need two things: the Sentic Cycles Download sound file and the Finger Rest. Then you are ready to do Sentic Cycles. You can order the complete kit, including CD, user guide and finger rest direcly from this site.


      The finger rest lets you express with one finger, and at the same time the other fingers can be relaxed, without touching anything.

      The surface of the finger rest does not give you a textured message of its own as most surfaces do. The finger rest has just enough give for a sense of interaction, and enough resistance to allow adequate expression of negative emotions.

      After some minutes, one tends to forget about the finger rest and it becomes, so to speak, part of one's body.

      (a copy of the timing knocks signals)

      For this to work, you need the timing signals, soft knock signals, given to you every few seconds by the Sentic Cycles Program which you download. The knock signals are spaced in time to suit each emotion, and so that you will not be able to anticipate when the next knock signal comes, even after many experiences. The timing of the knock signals, timed differently for each emotion, enable you to harmonize with your own inner timing to generate each emotion. As each signal comes, you express by pressing on the finger rest in a way that you feel expresses that emotion. As you wait for the next soft knock, it may seem a bit like a dialogue, while your body becomes very quiet, and you can become aware of the tensions and flows that you experience as you feel each emotion.


      Sentic Cycles is a structure in time that lets you compose your own symphony of emotions.

      The Sentic Cycles sound file has a number of spoken words and timing signals (taps) that allow you to express and generate emotions, as explained in the following.

      The timing gives you the freedom to generate and experience the qualities of your emotions-fantasies and memories associated with these emotions, and new images as they spontaneously arise. emotion first aid let you express emotions naturally, without inhibition and fear of consequences.

      Sentic Cycles lets you have the biological time-forms for expressing and generating the qualities of your emotions-with each emotion having its own time form.

      The Sentic Cycles sound file, containing eight words and a series of clicks, may seem deceptively simple. But the subtleties it embodies are essential to make the experience possible.

      Sentic Cycles probes far deeper and higher than may appear.

      Once you have the Sentic Cycle sound file or CD and the finger rest you are ready to have a very special and unique experience and keep having it whenever you wish, for as long as you live. To have this experience please follow the instructions. Pay particular attention to posture and sitting. Make sure you have the right kind of chair, and proper support for the finger rest. With these taken care of, you will find emotion first aid extraordinarily simple and easy to do. You should feel some of the benefits after the first, second, or third experience.


      You may do Sentic Cycles at any time but the best times are in the morning after getting up, after breakfast, or in the dusk at evening, or an hour before bedtime. It is not a good idea to do Sentic Cycles after a substantial meal.

      Should you have a restless night, you may find it good to get up and do one Sentic Cycle and then go back to sleep.


      Three or four times a week is a good measure for average long-term use. In periods of stress you may like to do them more often - even several cycles a day, under great stress. For special purposes, such as in an effort to stop smoking or to lose weight by suppressing hunger, freeing yourself from drug habits and addictions, several hours of Sentic Cycles a day can be helpful. Too many cycles done in a short space of time will tend to slow you down, and reduce your drive.

      You may wish to use Sentic Cycles to prevent nervousness or stress, for special occasions; before examinations, public performances, lectures, and the like. Half a cycle can be sufficient for this (to the end of "Love") done about half an hour before the occasion arises.

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